Emperor Jones Catalog

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EJ 76 Lord Fyre Destruction at 2013 LP
EJ 75 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Snacks CDEP
EJ 74 Mittens on Strings Look Up the Sky!! CD
EJ 73 The Hundred Dollar Band Waves and Particles CD
EJ 72 Ill Tactics American Rap Idol 12"
EJ 71 Shawn David McMillen Catfish LP
EJ 70 Paul Newman THIS is how it is LOST CD
EJ 69 V/A Hall of Mirrors 2xCD
EJ 68 The Crack Pipes Beauty School CD
EJ 67 Rusted Shut Rehab CD
EJ 66 Black Mayonnaise TTSSATTSR CD
EJ 65 Tia Carrera LP
EJ 64 Thuja All Strange Beasts of the Past CD
EJ 63 Leels Cannonballs and Silver Tongues CD
EJ 62 The Crack Pipes Snakes In My Veins CD
EJ 61 I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness CDEP
EJ 60 Steven R. Smith Kohl LP
EJ 59 Hala Strana Hala Strana CD
EJ 58 Primordial Undermind Thin Shells of Revolution CD
EJ 57 Alastair Galbraith/Constantine Karlis Radiant CD
EJ 56 The In Out Il Dito & Other Gestures CD
EJ 55 ST 37 Down On Us CD
EJ 54 100% Storms Ensemble World's Fair 12" EP
EJ 53 Thuja Suns CD
EJ 52 The Double U White Night, Floating Anchor CD
EJ 51 Steven R. Smith Lineaments CD
EJ 50 Pip Proud and Tom Carter Catch a Cherub CD
EJ 49 Stick Men With Ray Guns Some People Deserve to Suffer CD
EJ 48 Concentrick Lucid Dreaming CD
EJ 47 Chris Smith Map Ends: 1995-2001 CD
EJ 46 Various Artists George Washington original motion picture soundtrack CD
EJ 45 Leels Leels CD
EJ 44 Thuja Ghost Plants CD
EJ 43 100% Storms Ensemble Plays the Music of Eric D. Morrison CD
EJ 42 The American Analog Set Through the 90s CD
EJ 41 The Mountain Goats All Hail West Texas CD
EJ 40 Peter Jefferies Closed Circuit CD
EJ 39 Alastair Galbraith and Matt DeGennaro Long Wires in Dark Museums CD
EJ 38 Trumans Water Trumans Water CD
EJ 37 Pip Proud A Yellow Flower CD
EJ 36 Windsor For The Derby Earnest Powers+ CD
EJ 35 Steven R. Smith Tableland CD
EJ 34 Monroe Mustang I Am the Only Running Footman CDEP
EJ 33 Steven R. Smith The Death of Last Year's Man CDEP
EJ 32 Alastair Galbraith Cry CD
EJ 31 The Double U Falling Lanterns CD
EJ 30 ST 37 I Love to Talk, If There's Anything to Talk About CD
EJ 29 Cyrus Rego Cyrus Rego CD
EJ 28 The American Analog Set The Golden Band LP/CD
EJ 27 Pip Proud Oncer CD
EJ 26 Roky Erickson Never Say Goodbye CD
EJ 25 The American Analog Set "The Only Living Boy Around" 7"
EJ 24 Nigel Bunn Index CD
EJ 23 Trumans Water Fragments of a Lucky Break CD
EJ 22 Alastair Galbraith Mirrorwork LP/CD
EJ 21 Pip Proud One of These Days CD
EJ 20 Peter Jefferies Substatic CD
EJ 19 To Rococo Rot Paris 25 CDEP
EJ 18 Pip Proud and Alastair Galbraith "Hey Gus" 7"
EJ 17 Frontier 4 CD
EJ 16 My Dad Is Dead Everyone Wants the Honey But Not the Sting LP/CD
EJ 15 To Rococo Rot Veiculo LP/CD
EJ 14 The American Analog Set From Our Living Room to Yours LP/CD
EJ 13 The American Analog Set "Magnificent 70s" 7"
EJ 12 Half Japanese Heaven Sent CD
EJ 11 the Mountain Goats Full Force Galesburg LP/CD
EJ 10 Home Home X 10"EP/CDEP
EJ 09 Peter Jefferies Elevator Madness LP/CD
EJ 08 Alastair Galbraith Morse and Gaudylight CD
EJ 07 Pork Slop CD
EJ 06 Crown Heights "Dear Sir" 7"
EJ 05 My Dad Is Dead Shine(r) CD
EJ 04 The American Analog Set The Fun of Watching Fireworks LP/CD
EJ 03 The American Analog Set "diana slowburner ii" 7"
EJ 02 The Mountain Goats Nine Black Poppies CDEP
EJ 01 My Dad Is Dead For Richer, For Poorer LP/CD

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