The American Analog Set

Through the 90s

EJ 42 CD
released May 2001

All the creamy nuggets this hot Texas act never released on their albums is collected here for maximum pleasure. Through the 90s will bring back all the memories of joy, lingering pain, rejection and hometown blues. You were there; now here's the proof.

All six sides released as limited 7"s on EJ are collected, as well as a super-rare side from a Japanese split 7" with Eyehategod. A heap of unreleased material is also included, like a foxy short version of "On My Way," a remix by four-track techno act Kitty, and a rejected musical submission to Dr Pepper. The CD ends with two long medleys of AmAnSet hits recorded live with a roomful of talkers.

The package includes a 16-page color booklet with reproductions of all original silkscreened and embossed single sleeves and a song-by-song commentary by Guy Fidelity, all at an EP list price.

The Golden Band

released July 4 1999

"The Golden Band reduces the American Analog Set's approach to its barest essentials -- favoring shorter, more economical songs over the epics of past outings, the group's third album also strips away much of their cosmic veneer to reveal the human pulse which tethers Andrew Kenny's songs and keeps them from floating away. The effect is hardly less hypnotic than earlier AmAnSet efforts, but is simply more direct -- while Kenny's hushed vocals and oblique lyrics still evoke first and foremost an eyes-wide-shut otherness, the record insinuates itself on the strength of a subtly expanded emotional palette which lends a haunting new dimension to the group's fragile beauty... Ultimately, The Golden Band's quiet power speaks volumes." - Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

"The Only Living Boy Around" 7"

EJ 25 7"
released July 4 1999

From Our Living Room to Yours

released July 4 1997

Following the success of their debut The Fun of Watching Fireworks, The American Analog Set used the same equipment (eight track recorder and a half-inch tape deck) to capture their second long player, From our Living Room to Yours, in an Austin house this time instead of their native Fort Worth.

Side one is bristling with the same sort of light-headed pop found on their debut: "magnificent seventies" (also released in a different version on a 7") bounces along for nearly 8 minutes and the side-closing "where have all the good boys gone?" one-ups all of their previous attempts at writing and performing the Perfect Pop Song.

Side two reminds us of the wandering and delirious nature of side two of Neil Young's On the Beach. "white house" staggers along at a snail's pace and just about defies gravity in its quest for outer body sanctity while "two way diamond ii" is a more grounded instrumental that's as beautiful as the gently crashing waves surrounding the wash of Farfisa and cymbals.

"magnificent seventies" 7"

EJ 13 7"
out of print; released Apr 1997

The Fun of Watching Fireworks

released May 1996

The Fun of Watching Fireworks' eight songs offer an early glimpse into the band's creative home recordings to date. From the joyous and rollicking "On My Way" (clocking in at nine minutes) to the more melancholy "Gone to Earth" and on to the brief, tranced-out bliss of "Trespassers in the Stereo Field," this is a band with a lot of sounds to offer.

"diana slowburner ii" 7"

EJ 03 7"
out of print; released Mar 1996

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